About Us

In 2010 we started a float center in Portland, OR called Float On. As our business grew, we looked for more and more tools to help keep us organized and to help
manage our ever growing team.

We quickly became frustrated with what was out there. There was lots of software available, but it was mostly built for tech companies, and none of the pieces were able to communicate with each other.

The Helm was born originally out of a barter we set up, trading floats for programming lessons. Our programmer ended up loving floating, and we ended up loving programming. Over a couple of years our software matured, and we built up a team to help us develop it.

FloatHelm has become the backbone of managing our float center. Not only does it do our appointment scheduling and sales, but we track our float tank chemistry through it, we manage and communicate with our employees through it, we even use the project management system to organize building the Helm itself!

It's become so useful in helping us run our shop that we wanted to share it with the whole float tank world.

And this is just the beginning. We're constantly working to grow and improve our business, and the FloatHelm is at the center of that growth. Hop on board and help us create some truly useful software to run our industry.

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