Software to run your float tank center.

(Helm also works great for Massage, Cryo, and other services!)

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"The Helm is awesome...everything is really straightforward and easy to use."
Alex Ziegler | NW Float Center
  • Float House
  • Beyond Rest
  • Just Float
  • Float Toronto
  • Float On
  • Reboot
  • Float Boston
  • Float Milwaukee
  • Northwest Float Center
  • Zee Float
  • Float Sixty
  • Float Place
  • Drift Float Studio
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  • Better Being
  • The Flo
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  • Float Calm
  • Infinity
  • Tankhouse
“Having Helm at the core of our business was an excellent decision. The simplicity of the software is amazing.
Worth every penny!”
Zak King | Float Therapy

Everything You Need to Run Your Center

Helm Home Screen

The Helm is web-based software designed specifically for float tank centers.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Floats, Massage, Cryo, etc
  • Point-of-Sale & Payment Processing
  • Tank Chemistry Logs
  • Project & Task Management
  • Shift Scheduling & Time Clocks
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Ordering & Inventory
  • Automation

    ...and much more.
“I have to tell you... I've worked for multi-billion dollar companies, and I've never dealt with such a great system.”
Monica Servant | Float Sixty Chicago
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“Float Helm is a ****ing life saver.”
Matt Smith | Modern Gravity